Tractor pulling anyone?

25 Aug

This is kind of a crazy sport… apparently it started off as farmers comparing the strength of each others horses by dragging hay on a barn door, oh boy have things changed!

fancy seeing some this bank holiday at Ecclestone? event flyer

August Bank Holiday





Announcing The Shortlist

23 Aug

Hi Guys, We are now entering the final phase of this years Bring it on Britain campaign. From our hundreds of entries we now have a shortlist of under 40, all looking for your support and votes!

Congratulations to our shortlisted entrants and make sure you give them all the support you can on the Facebook page and in your own communities.

Bring it on!

Check out the shortlist here and get voting!

Giant marrow comes up short!

18 Aug

Meet Phillip Vowles and his giant marrow. He started growing it for Llanharry Giant Vegetable Championships, but was dissapointed to find it was just short of the world record when he dug it up. No matter if it’s not a record breaker Philip, we still reckon it shows true bring it on spirit to grow a vegetable that big (and to lift if up!) Well done! Photo from The Metro

Bring it on!

17 Aug

Wow! What an amazing response we have had! You guys should all give yourselves a pat on the back. We have seen some great entries over the past 4 weeks. From Pier Jumpers and wannabe stuntwomen to medieval pie bakers and camel farmers. We really have seen it all (or at least a lot!) Just to keep you updated with what’s going on, entries have now closed, but you can still vote until 1pm Friday to try and push the balance in your favour. Let all our judges know that you really want it!

The shortlist will be announced on Monday, so keep an eye out to check if you made it. For those that didn’t – don’t be disheartened. All the entries were absolutely fab, but sadly not everyone can make it through to the next round. Keep going with your passions and dreams because we think all of you really show true bring it on spirit!

Weekly Round Up

13 Aug

Last week of entries everyone! If you haven’t get yours in yet, then you have until Sunday so get clicking!

It’s been another great week of entries and here are some of our favourites! Don’t worry if yours isn’t on the list, that doesn’t mean it isn’t great! You can check out all the entries and vote for your favourite here.

First up is George Hayden who has asked for £1000 to help promote hydrofoiling in the UK. Hydrofoiling sounds pretty extreme, but it looks like a lot of fun. George has even offered to cook bangers and bacon at his event. They’d better be Wall’s! 🙂

Next up is Claire Vize who wants us to help her enter the Wild Bunch drag series. She seems like a serious petrol head but needs money to help her with entrance fees and safety checks.

Finally something a bit more on the creative side from Emmeline, who wants £800 to buy a laying press to help her make her pretty notebooks.

So who’s got your vote? Remember that you can apply and vote until Sunday. Next week our judges will be deciding who gets through to the next round, and their shortlist will be announced on the 23rd. Stay tuned to see if you made it on! Good luck everyone!

Bring it on Brits – Raphael Warner

12 Aug

To continue with our inspirational interviews we have one of our judges today. Raphael Warner is in charge of all things creative over at Diagonal View. If you haven’t heard of Diagonal View, then you should check them out, because they are curators of all things weird and wonderful, with an extensive video library of extreme sports and hobbies from around the globe. Who knows, you might find your next hobby there! Here Rapahel catches up with us to let us know what his inspiration is and what gets him out of bed every morning.

1. What personal characteristics do you think have helped you get to where you are now?

I like to live life for the moment. I think life is way too short not to enjoy things in the here and now. I am the type of person who is constantly trying to remind myself to stop lingering on past mistakes or fantasising about the future, work hard on the things right in front of you and everything will fall into place.

2. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I am way too impatient. I always want things done yesterday and absolutely hate waiting around, if it can’t be done quickly it’s not worth doing!

3. What was your childhood dream job?

I wanted to be a footballer when I was a kid. Would I swap my job now for a highly lucrative contract at Arsenal? Probably, but all the recent baggage and negative publicity associated with England’s top players has made me think again about the merits of a premiership existence.

4. When did you work out what you really wanted to do with your life?

I started out life in banking but quickly realized that my most creative decision was made at lunchtime choosing what type of sandwich I would have, hence my decision to move into the media and a more fulfilling life mixing it with wonderfully creative individuals.

5. What three things do you wish you had known before you started out?

1.  The world is your oyster, think big, think global!

2.  Mistakes are good (as long as you learn from them!)

3.  The importance of smiling and listening.

6. What gets you out of bed every morning?

Espresso and a desire to be the best I can be

7. If you had a personal motto, what would it be?

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that’s why it’s called the present

8. If you could give one piece of advice to someone trying to be successful what would it be?

Surround yourself with talent.

9. What one word do you think best embodies the bring it on spirit?

That’s a tough one…. I like the word awesome, so Awesome!

Bring it on Brits: Pat Reeves of

11 Aug is a website full of ideas for activities to try and things to around the UK. If you are looking to discover a new hobby, or want to fuel your enthusiasm for an existing one, then this is a great resource for all you Bring it on Brits to visit. As part of our inspirational Bring it on Brits interview series, we caught up with founder of Pat Reeves to talk about what inspired him to get others sharing their passions and hobbies and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. If this has inspired you to achieve your dream, then tell us what your passion is and you could win up to £5000 to help fund it.