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An interview with Bex Yates on making her fencing dream come true

17 Nov

What is your name and why did you enter the Bring it on awards?

Bex (Rebecca) Yates. I entered the Bring it on awards on behalf of the Sussex University Fencing Club. We had dreamt of going to America to visit a fellow fencer and I thought that the Bring it on awards might be able to make that happen!

How has the bursary helped you with your passion since the awards?

I have booked flights for 11 fencers from the club to fly out to Massachusetts in March next year for a week to fence against Mount Holyoke College and a few others in the same area.

What are your plans for the future?

We have big plans for the club this year, the tour to America, resurrecting the Brighton Open fencing competition, establishing a fencing club for teenagers at a number of local clubs alongside just having a great time!

What advice would you give to other people out there with passions who may be struggling to achieve them?

Things happen for a reason and if you imagine something to be possible you subconsciously act to make that thing happen! I entered the awards on a whim after hearing about it on the heart FM radio show at work. With the support of a group of brilliant friends saw us win!

If people want to find out more about your passion where should they go?

Check out the Sussex Uni Fencing Club Facebook page:!/pages/Sussex-University-Fencing-Club/111137072280566

Any final thoughts on how you have found the whole experience?

The whole experience has been fantastic and everyone can’t wait to go on the tour, thanks to Bring it on Britain for making it happen!


Bring it on Brits: Pat Reeves of

11 Aug is a website full of ideas for activities to try and things to around the UK. If you are looking to discover a new hobby, or want to fuel your enthusiasm for an existing one, then this is a great resource for all you Bring it on Brits to visit. As part of our inspirational Bring it on Brits interview series, we caught up with founder of Pat Reeves to talk about what inspired him to get others sharing their passions and hobbies and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. If this has inspired you to achieve your dream, then tell us what your passion is and you could win up to £5000 to help fund it.

Buster Martin’s Age: 103.869

13 Jul

And he is still working!

Martin plans to continue working at a plumbers, and says he will “only give up when they put me in a wooden box.”

Bring it on Martin! you might have been born in France, but you’ve lived here for over 100 years and are well and truly a Brit to inspire us to get off our bums and get on with it. May gawd bless you!

woolly graffiti

11 Jul

Imagine the possibilities… any takers with big imaginations want to really bring this on? Lord Nelson could do with a long scarf this winter, it would need to be so bloomin long you’d need to start about now! any ideas?


8 year old wing walker

10 Jul

I too would do anything to avoid doing homework, but you have to be rather brave to do this!

extreme knitting… by miles!

8 Jul

We were just having a look at you Brits who knit, but don’t knit just any old thing… then we cam accross this!!

Those Aussies have knitted a 30km long scarf, that’s over 18,000 miles to you and me.

that's right, it just fits in a stadium!

Ok, we do have the world record for the biggest tea cosy (blogged earlier), but if anyone has anything amazing in yarn that really ‘Brings it on’… go do it and let us know!

enormous tea cosy... thanks to you Brits

Dags the Viking… Kelmarsh?

8 Jul

“Training good last night. Cancelled our guest attendance at Kelmarsh, group needs a rest.”

I guess all this full on fighting is a bit tiring… have a look at him and his buddies at a re-enactment in the vid below that was used in an ad. There’s loads about Dags on our TV Heroes page as well!

Kelmarsh sounds great, just had a look at it… 2000 years of British history re-enacted… it’s on this weekend!!

have a look, here’s the link