CATHY LAWRANCE – 78 year old glider pilot & flying instructor!

“Other grannies might be content to take it easy, but I’m never happier than when I’m gliding through the sky. I’ve been piloting gliders for 27 years and although some people probably think I’m past it, I have no plans to hang up my flying goggles just yet. It’s too much fun!

I first got the flying bug in 1959 when I was five months pregnant. I’d always wanted to do it and went on my first flight in an open cockpit glider side-by-side with a pilot. I absolutely loved it. But it took another 20 years before I finally took the plunge to learn to fly independently. I enrolled in a course at Buckminster Gliding Club in 1981, where I have been a member ever since.

Over the years I’ve flown in New Zealand, Spain and the Canadian Rockies, and have not been without my hairy experiences.

Once, during my early training days, a cable broke, I panicked and did the wrong thing and got us into a spin. It was only the instructor’s quick thinking that saved our lives. But it didn’t put me off! I’m always learning. Only recently I made a navigational error while taking a passenger on a trial flight. I realised we’d gone off course and had to look for a field to land in. Thankfully, we got there safely and the glider was taken to pieces and transported back to the airfield. My passenger even said he’d like to fly with me again so he can’t have been too upset.

My dear school friend often teases, ‘It’s time you gave this up!’ but I say, ‘Not likely!’

I have an annual medical check, and have to prove my flying ability regularly, so while I continue to pass it I’ll carry on flying! I really believe that doing something you’re passionate about keeps you going. For me it’s a passion rather than a hobby. The hardest thing at my age is climbing in and out of the cockpit!”

“I play bowls in the winter, v keen on gardening, theatre, reading and Scuba diving”

Cathy goes gliding at The Buckminster Gliding Club.

Thanks to & LolaJones for her words!

“Show your support for the six brave hunters who, on their Saturdays off,  protect you from the beast!”

Well, that’s what they say on their facebook page! and this is how Jeremy Wills explains it, the leader of the Beast of Bodmin Moor!

“It was mine and jason’s idea. Been doing it for about 18 months now and six of us are involved.

Jason, 35, works for supermarket, we’re not as into hiking as much

Jason’s girlfriend Claire comes sometimes

Chris, 24 – works for supermarket, pro hiker, got all the gear, night vision goggles, the lot

Chris, 25 – Photographer, semi professional. He’s not much of a hiker, he wears jeans and gets soaking wet. We got him involved so he could take prof photos

We all met working at same supermarket. I’d rather not say which one. We’re mainly shop floor.

My wife thinks we’re a bit nuts, she thinks it’s bit silly that might be beast out there, jason’s girlf comes along with us, and chris’ girlfriend thinks it’s really hilarious – she’s gonna come out with us next time. One time we parked at a church to follow a footpath and took wrong path and ended up in middle of bog and no way forward or back, had to walk over highest mountain in the moor to get round it. Had to jump a few rivers. We’ve got loads of photos that still need to put up on facebook – about 300 pics.Went out in the snow – up to our chests one day

15 times we went out – found animals that been ripped apart

I pretty much know the way but got compass too.Seen tracks, found bones, and found the cave which looks like an animal has lived there which is where other guy on tele years he’d been – he claimed he’d seen it there, cave entrance, tunnel you crawl through – I managed to find that, we’re gonna take chris there and take some pics inside. Road’s about 6 or 7 miles away.

First time we stayed up quite bit of night, wasn’t that serious, gonna stay up all night next time. Hide out in circle, meat in middle and hopefully with cameras gonna stay up

We haven’t seen anybody out there, only see about 2 people, some places quite hard to get to. Gotta be a bit mad to go out there, quite dangerous.”

you can also look at their Facebook group and give them your support!

Hunt for the Beast of Bodmin moor support the six brave hunters

Left to right Jason, Jeremy, Chris (photog), Harvey the dog, Chris (keen hiker)

Off to Bring it on!

Down the shops

Dagmaer’s world
Generally My main interest (if you’ve not yet seen my pics- more will be added) is Viking Re-enactment. Been doing it now for about 10 years. Its the ultimate in escapeism. Go away for the weekend and be someone else. Immerse in to the history and lifestyle of the Dark Ages. Not to mention the fact we fight with museum standard replica weapons. Because of this is, ive gained quite an art in clothes making, leather work, wood work, jewellery smithy and once or twice armoury. As i make virtually all my own kit and (for a small fee) kit for others. .. ..
Music Have a wide and varied taste in music, no really great favorites, saying that though the 80’s were my “formative” years so i do enjoys the music from that era; Spandau Ballet, Queen, Ultraxov, Madness etc
Films I love a good sword and shield action film. Favorites include 13th Warrior, Timeline, Kingdom of Heaven, Lord of the Rings (of course), Braveheart. Not a big “chick flik” fan at all. I like the Oriental “wire” films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, House of Flying Daggers etc, amazing Fight Coreography. Big into the Superhero films; Spiderman, Fantastic Four, X-men. Hulk was a bit of a let down.
Television Not really a great TV watcher. I have my favorite programmes which i make an effort to watch, Time Team, Doctor Who.
Books Not a great reader, wish i was, dont seem to find the time
Heroes Harrison Ford. My Dad.

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