An interview with Bring it on award winner Jenny Whelan

16 Nov

What is your name and why did you enter the Bring it on awards?
Jenny Whelan – I entered the awards to achieve my dream of becoming a stunt performer by becoming a member of the UK Stunt register.

How has the bursary helped you with your passion since the awards?
Becoming a stunt performer is quite complicated and a very long process. To become a member of the stunt register you have to be county/competitive level in 6 sports/disciplines in the following categories and have 60 days paid work in front of a camera.

1) Fighting – example: Karate (Brown belt and above)
2) Falling – example: Trampoline and High Diving Stunt Test
3) Water – example: Padi Dive Master
4) Strength and Agility – Example: Gymnastics Stunt Test
5) Riding and Driving – Example: Competitive Motocross

Prior to the award I had attended the Australian Stunt Academy, learning how to fall, how to get blown up and how to fight safely. I have completed four of the above areas (Gymnastics, scuba diving, swimming, high diving) but needed to complete trampolining and martial arts. Since obtaining the award I have joined a trampoline club and a Taekwondo club. I was a trampolinist when younger and already had quite a bit of Taekwondo experience (English Blue belt Champion is 2007). The funding has also enabled me to join several extra agencies, the normal way potential stunt performers achieve the required days in front of a camera. Without the bursary I would not have joined both clubs and as many extra agencies. I also needed to film each area for the Stunt committee. The Flip camera has been amazing. I will let you see the film soon!

What are your plans for the future?
To get onto the stunt register – keep going, completing the requirements and finally becoming one of only a few stunt women in the UK!

What advice would you give to other people out there with passions who may be struggling to achieve them?
Do not give up, life is not a dress rehearsal – live without any regrets so don’t put those dreams off. All dreams begin with one small step so take that first step! Also being part of a community that believe in your dreams help.

If people want to find out more about your passion where should they go? For further information on the entry requirements for stunt performers email Equity or email: .

Any final thoughts on how you have found the whole experience?

The awards have not only given me a massive boost financially, but helped with motivation and enthusiasm. The BIOB wall community spirit has helped so much too. Before the award I was very close to thinking that I may never get there! The award has given me confidence and the determination to succeed. The other award winners are so inspirational that being part of this community and sharing their dreams has been a real privilege too.


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