Julia Slocombe and her experience with Bring it on Britain

12 Nov

My name is Julia Slocombe, and I entered the bring it on awards as my son Kieran had been asked to compete in the martial arts world championships for team GBR in the Dominican republic in Jan 2011.  We were struggling to come up with the funds and found this competition on the Heart FM website and thought I would give it ago.

The bursary has enabled us to cover the cost of the trip and Accommodation, we have also been able to get him the team GBR fighting suits and the training suits and he now has all the equipment he needs to train and compete in the world championships.  Also the competition fees themselves.

I really hope Kieran does well in the championships and that he earns Great Britain a medal, i hope that he continues in martial arts and competing  to the standard that he has set himself, from his 1st comp he has brought home 1sts and has never come home with out being placed and this is a great achievement especially as he is only 6 yrs old.

If there are people out there struggling to achieve their passions my advice is never give up, there is always someone or something out there that will help you, look down every path and something will come your way, that’s what we did and we were struggling and almost gave up, but thanks to walls and the bring it on awards we will be living our dream in jan 2011, and really glad that we were one of the winners, i still can’t really believe it.

If people are interested in our passion you have the wcoaa website or Kierans club website from Feb 2011 when we know the results.

The whole experience has been amazing, its been exciting, worrying, nailbiting, all emotions really, but amazing and i have also met some lovely people, but what i really liked about this competition was the fact we all supported each other, it was great. So all i have to say now is BRING IT ON !!!!!!!!!!!


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