Marco Gianetti and his experience with Bring it on Britain

11 Nov

A blog post by Bring it on Britain winner Marco Gianetti

My name is Marco Gianetti from Plymouth and I entered the Bring it on Britain awards to win funding to do my FA coaching badges so i can be qualified to work with disabled footballers.

The bursary has helped me by not only paying for the courses but also helping me to purchase training clothing and footwear essential to coaching and football. It has also provided me with freedom to travel to various places for the courses and to attend disability football league matches.

My plans for the future are to take up a voluntary position within a disability football club as a volunteer coach to enhance and improve my skills as a coach. I also will be attending various courses and ability counts league matches to further enhance my knowledge and education by watching experienced coaches in action. I also plan to return to the gym to improve my overall fitness and one day after a long period of experience getting I hope to one day be able to manage my own disability team.

My advice to people would be NEVER GIVE UP. Sometimes when it may seem like nothing is working out and things are not happening you must stick in there and keep that passion burning because eventually you will get where you want to be. Also SEEK SUPPORT from other people who already are successful in what it is you want to do and ask their advice too. For example if like me you want to work with disabled footballers contact your county FA’s disability football officer and chat to them because they can give you a lot of help and support and open a lot of doors for you.

If people would like to know more about disability football in Devon they can click this link and find out more There is a nice photo of Dai Carpenter who was on BBC Radio Devon with me. Alternatively you can contact your local County FA and ask to speak to the disability development officer who will give you loads of info. Another good link to click on to find out more about Disability Football is where you can look for your local disability football club.

Overall its been a good experience although on occasions I have found the process difficult due to my being autisitic but I would definitely recommend people to BRING IT ON !!!!!


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