How are our Bring it on winners getting on? Pt 1

27 Oct

Hi Guys,

Well it’s been a few weeks since the Awards were handed out and people began the journey to realising their dreams. A lot of the winners have been updating us with their progress. I thought I would highlight just a few of them and what they have been up to.

Crowned as “Most Bring it on Brit”, Marco Gianetti’s dream of becoming a football coach has already come true! He has passed his level 1 coaching and has been offered a position coaching with Plymouth, dubbed “The Real Madrid of Disabled Football” by Marco himself. Currently Marco is suffering from an ankle injury but hopefully soon he will be fighting fit and ready to help more people change their lives. You can watch a video of Marco’s coaching assessment here and here

Caroline King has been using her award to help support and grow the Dundee Destroyers Roller Derby team. It has been great to see awards that have not only helped our winners but are making a difference to wider communities. You can read more about Caroline and the gang here and check out their lovely thank you message :). While we are discussing Roller Derby you can also see one of our other winners Sharron Mooks has been featured on Newsround and is working very hard to help increase the awareness of this great sport.

Anna Dockery has been working very hard on her dancing in preparation for her big competition (Best of luck Anna!). Check out these videos she has posted of her practicing here and here.

We will be covering more of our winners over the coming weeks. So stay tuned 🙂

Keep it up everyone and keep Bringing it on!


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