Bring it on Britain Award Winners 2010

10 Sep

The wait is finally over. Below is the full list of award winners! A big thank you to everyone for entering and whether you have an award or not, I hope you can all make your passions come true. for those that have just started following the Bring it on community, come be a part of the fun on our Facebook page and follow how our award winners get on. Also if you have a passion or a dream please come and join in, there are all sorts of creative and supportive people to help you achieve your goals. Thanks for all your hard work everyone, Bring it on!

Award Winners:

Joe Coyne – Brighton Pier Jump

Sharon Sheridan – Roller Derby

Maryann Morriss – Candle Making

Aimee White – Dance and Performing

Gaynor Brown – Light Room

Robyn Osborne – Trampoline

Aaron Hussain – Raise Awareness

Anna Dockeray – Ballroom Dancing

Bex Yates – Fencing

Jack Stubbs – Lacrosse

Marco Gianetti – Football Coaching

Jen Whelan – Stunt Woman

Julia Solocombe – Martial Arts

George Wood – Ate’th Wonder

Becca Thurston – Pies

Helen Russell – Field Archery

Jessica Smith – Trampoline

Caitlin McLaren – Trampoline

Jessica Ali – Roller Derby

Caroline King – Roller Derby

Tony Jay – One Man Balloon


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