Weekly Round Up

13 Aug

Last week of entries everyone! If you haven’t get yours in yet, then you have until Sunday so get clicking!

It’s been another great week of entries and here are some of our favourites! Don’t worry if yours isn’t on the list, that doesn’t mean it isn’t great! You can check out all the entries and vote for your favourite here.

First up is George Hayden who has asked for £1000 to help promote hydrofoiling in the UK. Hydrofoiling sounds pretty extreme, but it looks like a lot of fun. George has even offered to cook bangers and bacon at his event. They’d better be Wall’s! 🙂

Next up is Claire Vize who wants us to help her enter the Wild Bunch drag series. She seems like a serious petrol head but needs money to help her with entrance fees and safety checks.

Finally something a bit more on the creative side from Emmeline, who wants £800 to buy a laying press to help her make her pretty notebooks.

So who’s got your vote? Remember that you can apply and vote until Sunday. Next week our judges will be deciding who gets through to the next round, and their shortlist will be announced on the 23rd. Stay tuned to see if you made it on! Good luck everyone!


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