Weekly round up

6 Aug

What a week of entries! We know have over a hundred so well done to everyone who has (and continues) to take part. Take a look at our highlights of the entries we have received this week. If yours isn’t here, don’t worry! We think all the entries are great, these are just a couple that caught our eyes.

Sinclaire Benedict wants to run naked from Landsend to John O’Groats. Sounds like he might get a bit chilly, but what a way to bring it on.

Terry Dennis has asked for money to set up a paracycle loan service for handicapped people. We think this is a great idea, and wish him the best of luck with his idea.

Mia Harrison would like some money to buy two camels to add to her collection of alpacas. We thought it sounded like a brilliant idea, and we’re hoping she might knit us a jumper from her alpacas.

Natasha Newman has offered to make us some nice clothes, if she is successful in her entry and we help her fund her summer school placement at St Martins, but it’s down to you (and our judges) as to who gets through to the next stage. So remember to vote for your favourite entries!

Check back next week to see if you made it into the weekly roundup. And thanks for all your entries!



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