The Eccentric Club – reborn!

25 Jul

The Eccentric Club has been reborn from of it’s 1781 roots… how truly British and marvellous!

The Eccentric Club UK is a social, non-commercial, charitable, politically unaffiliated, unincorporated members club re-established in August 2008 in London, for the purposes of continuing the traditional activities of its predecessors, known in various historic periods as The Illustrious Society of Eccentrics, The Everlasting Society of Eccentrics, The Eccentric Society Club and the Eccentric Club, Limited.

The Eccentric Club considers its original foundation date 1781, and honours and upholds the core principles of religious and political impartiality in the club debates as set out by the Committee of the Everlasting Society of Eccentrics in 1800 upon their complete separation from The Brilliants, a Whig-dominated debating club.

The Eccentric Club promotes “Good Fellowship” and “True Sociality” – “virtues which are now getting rare and eccentric; but which it is the wish and intent of this Society to cherish within their narrow circle to the utmost of their power… in the occasional enjoyment of ‘The feast of reason and the flow of soul’” (The Eccentric Society Rules and Regulations, 1808).

take the eccentric test and see if you fit their guidelines on eccentricity 😉

ooh, and here’s an eccentric blog  eccentric club events – London and here’s a BBC film on them!

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