The Gallery Of Greats – on our Youtube channel!

16 Jul

We have been trawling the depths of Youtube to find some inspiring people with Bring it on attitude. We found bee keepers, robot racers, plenty of sports, a lady who is on a mission to cover signs with her knitting and loads of bafflingly eccentric hobbyists!

Video is such a fun way to capture your hobbies, activities and passion for what you do, whether it’s on a mobile phone or you get your mate to film you on a camcorder.  These ‘Gallery of Greats’ are great viewing, there is so much drive behind what people do in their time and we want to share their quirky ideas and ambitions.

A hobby does not have to be EXTREME (although we do have some extreme ironing going on, and some kite surfers jumping over a pier!) and can be something that you do on your own or on a weekend mission with a massive group of your mates that all chip in together… Either way, we’d love to hear about it.

So a big thank you to everyone in the Gallery of Greats! We will keep adding to the playlist so if you are looking for inspiration take a look at what everyone else is up to and Bring it on. If you think you deserve to be in the Gallery of Greats then get in touch and let us know of any good vids!

Here’s our Youtube channel!


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